Aerospace and Defence

World leaders in the aerospace and defence industry all over the globe use Siemens PLM Software to provide support for all stages of their products' lifecycle - from R&D to production and maintenance.

Siemens PLM Software

Siemens PLM Software provides dynamic, secure and seamless digital environments that can facilitate companies to answer contemporary industry challenges: design anywhere; build anywhere; service anywhere.
Businesses and organizations use Siemens PLM capabilities to build and achieve:

  • Complex program management
  • Virtual environments that synchronize global design/development
  • Aligned supply chains that meet dynamic production schedules
  • Collapsed development cycles
  • Faster manufacturing and assembly times
  • Virtual prototyping capable of minimizing physical models, assembly error and design rework
  • Faster repair and overhaul cycle times
  • Accelerated upgrades and enhancements that boost fleet availability
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