Energy and Utilities

Siemens PLM Software’s platform for the energy and utilities industry delivers a single source of plant, product and process information that can be used to manage the innovation lifecycle across all of its stages.

With the energy and utilities industry at a crossroads, the demand for your products is expected to double in just the next 20 years alone. This will place a tremendous pressure on your infrastructure and supply chain resources. Innovation on a scale not previously seen in this industry will be required to meet these needs. Siemens PLM Software believes that successful innovation requires open technologies that enable you to access all your enterprise’s knowledge resources, facilitate seamless collaboration both inside and outside your organizational borders and instill discipline across all of your operations.

Siemens PLM solutions can help you to master the complexities inherent in your business so that you can safely deliver the right product and deliver the product right. Siemens PLM solutions for the energy and utilities industry include a complete set of end-to-end applications that accelerate new product and processes that improve productivity, lower operational risks and facilitate environmental and safety compliance. With these solutions, you can connect people and processes – creating, capturing and sharing knowledge across your globally distributed value chain to power innovation and productivity.

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