IDEAL PLM awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certification

The certificate recognises the work IDEAL PLM has carried out in the field of quality requirements across the company


DQS Finland has awarded the certificate, which recognises the work IDEAL PLM has carried out for adhering to quality standards and developing them further across the company. The ISO:2015 quality certificate was awarded to IDEAL PLM during the re-certification process in April 2017 and it shows that the company is committed to supplying products and services according to customer needs and requirements.

Product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions are very much at the heart of the machinery industry designing and manufacturing products. Supplying PLM solutions requires high quality expertise, professional know-how and a process-driven service.

Certification as a part of continuous process improvement work

Originally IDEAL PLM was awarded the quality certificate in June 2014 and the new certificate demonstrates a dedication to developing the quality management system. IDEAL PLM adheres to legislative and regulatory requirements and expects the same from their partners and suppliers. Customers and stakeholders’ quality expectations are followed according to the quality system. IDEAL PLM have appointed a Quality Manager, who conducts internal audits and continuously develops the quality system with process owners to ensure quality expectations are met.

IDEAL PLM have specified quality expectations for each business department. Adhering to quality standards and aiming for the highest quality service is a common vision for everyone at IDEAL PLM.

“Re-certification reflects our commitment to quality. It also demonstrates that we are a reliable partner, and that we are committed to developing our own operations and processes according to customer expectations. Most of our customers are in a business that requires stringent quality management processes to ensure end-customer value. ISO 9001:2015 shows that we understand the standard requirements and they are also at the heart of our own business” describes Olli Väätäinen, Chief Operations Officer & Quality Manager, IDEAL PLM.

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